Shots from last night's Black vs White bout =)

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Shots from last night's Black vs White bout =)

Post  Inform8n on Mon Sep 29, 2008 3:10 pm

Ok… so there are (as usual) a ton of shots from last night’s bout (420 to be exact… hehehe). You can check them out here:

Or you can download the ZIP file with all the pictures in it here:

Please keep in mind some of these shots are not the best technical shots in the world but there are several not-so-great shots I left in because they are of you girls knocking the crap out of each other and I figured you’d like to see those, bad shots or not. =) As always it was a pleasure shooting with you girls and I wanted to send a thanks out to everyone who stopped by to say hi and chat with me for a bit.

As always, feel free to post these on MySpace, Facebook, wherever you’d like, just be sure and give me a byline as Photographer. ;-) Speaking of MySpace if anyone wants to drop me a friend request on there my MySpace is ... Can’t wait to shoot with you girls again.

Jack King

P.S. Who out of the ROCK crew that works (or goes to school at) UK wants to do lunch some Friday here soon?

P.P.S. Can someone please send these shots along to the Roller Derby girls who are not part of the normal ROCK family? I just want to make sure everyone gets a copy of the shots as a 'thank you' for coming out! =)


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Re: Shots from last night's Black vs White bout =)

Post  Ellie Slay on Mon Oct 13, 2008 10:24 am

thanks again for the great photos, its always nice to see you there!! Cool
the day after the bout is almost as thrilling as the bout itself- its so fun to relive it frame by frame!

Ellie Slay
Ellie Slay

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